Monday, March 26, 2007

My first big trip!!

So I got to go to Los Angeles last week!! I was SOOOO excited!! Here I am at home all packed up next to my suitcase with some snacks for the plane -- pectin jelly beans, my favorite!!

Then I am in my seat on the airplane - I think some people thought I was a little weird....

Then we stayed at the Grafton, and I met a new friend. Froggie was in our room, that was great, I had someone to play with when I couldn't go shopping....

And look at all the goodies that we found!! Great dresses and tops and jackets - all packed up and ready to take back to the store. I love shopping!!

Then we were at the mart, shopping through the shoes and clothes for next fall. It was really fun and I look great in the
shoes!! I especially like the turquoise ones - but I don't think they make my size...

Here I am at dinner with sunneshine. Somehow, Kelly and Jack managed to not be in the photo. I'll have to work on that next time. I got to sit on the table during dinner, since Jack is a beagle and we wanted to make sure that I didn't get mistaken as a toy.... And blue cheese stuffed olive martini was yummy after a really long day of work....

Finally, it was time to go home. I thought that my stripes were a nice compliment to all the polka dots in the room, so here I am posing! It was really fun to go, but great to be home, too!!

More adventures to come!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

weeeee - bike riding

It was really really nice here on sunday - so, we pulled out the cruiser bike and went for a ride. The first photo here is an action shot. Then we have a photo here of me all strapped into the basket. I was lovin it - warm air on my face - navigating (you can see that I am pointing with my right arm) - all fun all the time! And the best part is that the bike even has a skully monkey on it!! Meant to be!

I am off to relax after a busy weekend with the folks... I am sure that there are more adventures that I can get into while they are at work - hehehe.... Plus, I hear that I am going on a plane later this week, stay tuned....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mr. Love Monkey's St. Patty's Day

It was St. Patty's day yesterday and boy did I have an adventure!! We ran into some friends at Keggs and Eggs, hello to Anna and Doug. They had started with beer for breakfast....

Then we listened to the Atari's and Jack's Mannequin - I didn't have such a good view stuck in sunneshine's bag - but the music sounded good!! Later mr.sunneshine gave me my first green beer - yummy!!

Still trying to reconcile how green beer celebrates the running of the snakes out of Ireland.... maybe as I get older I will understand.. or maybe I will drink enough green beer and quit asking....

Friday, March 16, 2007


Hello, these are the adventures of my sock monkey. I do not claim to have made him - he was gift. I do find his sense of adventure fun, and therefore am helping him with this site.
(His typing is a little slow and clumsey). Right now he is called Mr. Love Monkey, which could end up being his porn star name -- hence it was not used in the blog name -- as he is a happy g rated sock monkey!

Stay tuned for his adventures!!